Industrial Control

Custom industrial controller design services.

Customized Industrial Controller Design

A2e Technologies has designed many industrial controllers. We have experience with motion control, sensing, vision, and more. We have the ability to design a custom solution for your unique needs or we can work as part of your existing team. We also have the ability to manufacture and support the custom systems we design for you.

Sample Projects

Electronic Designers

DSP High-Speed Paper Feeder Controller

High-Speed Paper Feeder Controller

  • - High speed paper feed mechanism controller
  • - DC and stepper motor control embedded in FPGA
  • - Quadrature decoding, PWM, Loop Control in FPGA for DC motor
  • - Stepper motor control in FPGA
Electronic Design Services

Thermal Controller

Thermal Controller

  • - Fixed EOL problems
  • - Match from/fit/function to 1970's design
  • - Floating front end with thermocouple compensation
  • - Design verification against original test procedures
Electronics Design Services

Commercial Water Softener Ctlr w/Custom RF

Commercial Water Softener Controller

  • - Controls multiple softeners
  • - 256MB DDR2, 16MB SDRAM
  • - Remote monitoring with custom RF link
Electronic Design Service

Commercial Water Leak Detector

Commercial Water Leak Detector

  • - Achieved 300 feet custom low power RF
  • - Designed for high-volume production
  • - Battery powered sensors last years

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