Engineering Staff Augmentation

Embedded Engineering Staff Augmentation Services

A2e Technologies' Embedded Engineering Staff Augmentation can provide qualified engineers to work at your site, on your projects, under your direction.

As a result of working with many embedded hardware and software engineers over the last decade, we have developed a large network of highly skilled consultants that we tap into to provide the qualified engineer(s) for your project needs.

  • Short (1 Month Min.) or long term engagements
  • Project or problem/task focused
  • You maintain control and manage the team
  • Only use resources as long as needed to save cost
  • We payroll and support the Consultant throughout the project

  • Qualifying Resources

    Based upon the Job Description you provide, our recruiting staff Identifies Candidates, Issues Technical Exams, and our lead engineers Perform Technical Interviews. Only Upon Passing Will Candidates Be Submitted. WE WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH UNQUALIFIED ENGINEERS.

    This is the advantage you have in working with A2e. We Are Engineers. Our main business is Engineering Services. We know the skills you are looking for and how to qualify for them. We do not just perform "Key Word Searches". We truly understand the details of the work, and skills a Candidate requires, to perform the task at hand…we will find the right Consultant.

    The fastest way to get started is to contact us today.

    We can estimate your project in just a few days!