End-Of-Life (EOL) Redesign

We can redesign your product to extend its life!

End-Of-Life Redesign Services

End-Of-Life (EOL) issues affect all products over time. By using parts brokers and grey-market sources, companies can continue to manufacture products based on obsolete components for some time. However, this cannot last forever and drives up cost.

A2e, working with our customers, has been able to demonstrate significant cost savings (parts, manufacturing, warranty, and support) as a result of replacing an aged design with a new one.

We are experts at redesigning products to be form and function compatible with older boards and systems while ensuring long-term manufacturability.

We can take your legacy boards and/or systems and quickly redesign replacements for them so you can continue to ship product.

Lost original documentation, design files and personnel are not an obstacle to proceed. When required, our ability to reverse engineer both hardware and software of legacy systems in order to redesign new products is equaled by none.

We can work with you to achieve your goals. Whether they are lower cost, increased performance, enhanced functionality, or all the above. A2e can design a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations by providing custom Electronic Design Services, Firmware/Software Design Services, FPGA Design Services and more.

End of life redesign EOL

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