ITAR registered products and services

Defense Services

A2e Technologies has the expertise and ITAR certifications to design and manufacture custom solutions for many defense and government related projects.

Our expertise in difficult and unique areas of embedded design allow us to provide critical experience to help your development projects be a success.

We can design complete systems or work as part of your existing team. We also have the ability to manufacture, deliver and support the custom systems we design.

Sample Projects

Electronic Designers

Re-design of 1980's vintage 5W Radio Transceiver

5W Radio Transceiver

  • - 7 boards re-designed using SMT
  • - Boards all backward compatible
  • - Extended product life by 5 years
Electronic Design Services

30Amp Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

30Amp Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

  • - Isolated, constant voltage
  • - Constant current
  • - Charging currents 2-30A with feedback
  • - Charging algorithms in firmware
  • - Designed for extended temperatures
Electronics Design Services

180 Degree Digital Video Camera

180 Degree Digital Video Camera

  • - 180 Deg. field of view
  • - 5 sensors
  • - 7 Megapixels
  • - No fisheye distortion
  • - 15 fps
  • - H.264 or MJPEG
  • - and more...

We create reliable, manufacturable designs that will meet or exceed your expectations!

Why Our Designs Are Better

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